How Much Does An Olympic Archery Bow Cost: Reach The Thoughtful Answer

How much does an Olympic archery bow cost? What makes a good bow? In order to get the best result, the archer needs to be equipped with the correct gear. Getting the right archery bow belongs to one of the most vital factors you need to care about when it comes to the sector. 

Nevertheless, when beginning to learn this kind of sport, you could not be sure how long you can be interested in archery. Thus, you might not be willing to run your budget for a bow and give more effort to find 

Now, it is the right time to put an end to the curiosity’s answer, so don’t skip following us!

What Makes A Good Bow? 

According to experts, good bows should be lightweight and strong enough so that archers can freely put pressure on the bows while using them. 

How Much Does An Olympic Archery Bow Cost? 

The Olympic archery bow cost you might run your budget on a wide range of options depending on some different factors.

If you’re a newbie in the field, a basic bow with a price from $100 – $200 might meet your needs. If you have a long record of experience in archery, you can consider a powerful bow with a price from $300 to $600. If you want a handmade and unique bow, it can cost you over $8,000

In addition, you need to find out if it is mainly for target shooting or hunting. This plays a vital role in knowing which bow can meet your requirement and how much it will cost. For instance, a hunter could focus on getting a strong bow, while shooters want to reach accuracy. 

There are a variety of kinds of Olympic archery bows in the recent market, with different benefits and drawbacks in different price ranges. Let’s check different products of this kind of gear to have a better view of what you need to seek and how much you are willing to pay. 

What Are Key Aspects To Consider Before Buying An Olympic Archery Bow?


Material is the first aspect we want to mention when it comes to a good bow. However, this factor is also pretty complex. 

For example, the most pricey bows have carbon risers or machined aluminum risers. This indicates that the component is separated from an exclusive piece of these substances. While middle-range archery bows are normally made from aluminum material or composite material in which the metal is flushed into a mold. 

Many suppose that an archery bow with a cast riser is poor! Any machined riser might be slightly stronger and lighter than a cast poured riser, yet this isn’t a bad/ good issue with most bows. Even aluminum risers are quite light and, except for some producers’ defects sometimes, might never break. 

However, there’s a belief that most inexpensive archery bows might result in bad performance and low quality. In particular, you should inspect cams and limbs carefully. The cheapest bows are prone to be made of too much plastic. This can cut the cost down, yet plastic is more likely to burst.

In addition, powerful material is crucial for the super tension put on archery bow limbs. Using high-end elements on a bow is also essential to a bow’s performance.  

Overall, the lightest material and highest quality run your budget the most when talking about the material. When you intend to push cost cutting, you might choose heavier material but still high-end quality or choose polymers to keep and try the lighter weight. 

If you need a lower-cost archery bow, it is better to select a somewhat heavier archery bow that utilizes quality metal elements. Yet, when it comes to differences in weight, indeed, they are often just a few pounds.

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We would like to emphasize that reliability isn’t associated with a pricey price. An expensive bow might also be untrustworthy. Yet, generally, if your bow is a cheap one, it is more prone to get this issue than others. 

What things make a bow undependable? 

This is a pretty complicated query; bow design and material are the key factors. Archery exerts plenty of power when it’s fired and uses limbs that are constantly under great tension. If the bow pattern or the material’s quality is bad, the high shot power and tension will expose this quickly. 

Every factor, from the limbs and riser to the cams, bus cables, and bowstring, has to be built from good design and high-end materials. 


Accuracy belongs to one of the most important performances of an archery bow, not only an Olympic archery bow. Similar to the first aspect, the most accurate and expensive bow in this market is not synonymous with that; any archer who owns it will also be accurate. 

If your Olympic archery bow has a certain problem with its cams, cam lean, for instance, is where the tension triggers the cam tends to tilt to one side. Also, a poor archery bow might have timing problems where these cams aren’t turning properly. These consequences will impact accuracy. 

Thus, you need to observe more closely with cams to find an archery bow with great accuracy.


The last factor you should consider when buying an archery bow is adjustability. 

The wise option is that you should get a certain item allowing you to adjust to fit your experience and shooting style well.  You might consider a bow with a big draw weight range and draw length. These can add more adjustability to your performance thanks to the ease of adjusting your Olympic archery bow.

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In A Nutshell

Once you have reached these lines, we bet that you got clearly how much does an Olympic archery bow cost for your new interest. 

We just hope you can make a wise decision to buy the right equipment thanks to our sharing today. By and large, getting one Olympic archery bow may cost how much on your budget depending on many different factors about your experience, shooting style, and purpose. 

So, let’s set how much your interest in the sport to have an appropriate investment. Don’t forget to take a look through some key aspects before buying one Olympic archery bow.

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