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Welcome to the Bowfishing Association of Illinois!

This is where the most up to date information will be found.
What is bowfishing?
Bowfishing is an ancient form of hunting that has been used to gather food since prehistory, and still is a great way to harvest game, enjoy the outdoors, and help control invasive species of fish.

We are a group who enjoy this activity, and hope to get you on the water with us in the near future so you can enjoy this outdoor sport that many have claimed to be an addiction.

We hope this site is informative and fun. Any questions you have about bowfishing in Illinois can be asked in our forums, or if you would like to become a member, simply contact one of our officers.

Our club is 100% free. No dues at all. All we ask is your support, participation, and promotion of the great sport of bowfishing. Our club is open to people across the country.

Bowfishermen are very interested in sharing this sport, and we will always find a spot in our boats for those who want to become a part of the Bowfishing Association of Illinois!

Enjoy the site!

Also please visit the National Bowfishing Alliance, another 100% free organization dedicated to growing the sport of bowfishing, all across the country.

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