Getting Started In Bowfishing

The biggest question we get is “how do I get started, and what do I need?” Well, its the most inexpensive outdoor sport to get into if you have a bow already. Here are a few pictures of the most basic setup you can get. Here is everything you need. A drum reel kit , this one comes from the Bohning Co., a arrow and a bow. This reel kit comes with the line, reel and mounting hardware.

Here is everything put together.

The reel has a threaded rod that is installed in the bows stabilizer bushing. The line is wrapped around the reel and secured in a slot cut into the reel face. This keeps the line from falling off. Ant ofcourse its tied to the arrow. Now people have been tieing the line to the end of the reel for years, but this can cause the line to tangle in the string, cables or rest of a bow, causing the arrow to snap back and cause some injury. The arrow here has a cable installed and the line tied to the swivel. See “How To Cable an Arrow” for more info on cables. Here is a cable and safety slide set up on a couple arrows.

Well, thats all you need to know “How To ” get started in bowfishing! Once started, check the “How To” section on different reels.

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