Cable An Arrow

When using compounds and the retreiver bowfishing reel, it is wise to use a safty slide or a cabled arrow to prevent “snap Back” caused by the line tangleing in the cables when the arrow is shot. It is always wise to wear safty sunglasses when bowfishing to prevent an accident. Where safty slides are popular, I always liked cabled arrows better. They are a must when bowfishing for strong saltwater species like stingray and shark. The basic cable kit consists of high poundage leader material, a swivel, two sleeves and two beads.

Pass one end of the cable thru one of the sleeves and then thru the hole in the arrow head.

Bring the end of the cable around and back thru the sleeve. Crimp the sleeve.

On the loose end, install a bead, the swivel, and the second bead.

Now put the second sleeve on the loose end of the cable and pass the loose end of the cable thru the hole in the noc end of the arrow. Bend the arrow just a bit and pass the cable back thru the sleeve. The arrow is relaxed, and you check the cable tension. The cable should be tight, but not bending the arrow. Never sloppy and loose. If it looks good, slightly crimp to keep in place and then bend the arrow so the sleeve can be crimped fully. Relax the arrow and trim the cable ends.

Thats all there is to cabling an arrow.

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