Can I Use Crossbow Broadheads For My Compound Bow? Tips And Tricks You Should Know!

We have often been asked this question – Can I use crossbow broadheads for my compound bow?

Bowhunters typically use broadheads to their bows when hunting in the wild. With the sharp and durable quality of broadheads, you can achieve quality results and safety in archery.

However, there are important things to keep in mind when you use crossbow broadheads. You need to make sure that you use the right shock collars on the bow. This way, you should be able to shoot your crossbow broadhead right out of a compound bow. When your crossbow arrows come at the right weight and length, which are compatible with the compound bow, it should not have any issue with your bow’s function.

But there are a few things to keep in mind when using crossbow broadheads for your compound bow. Keep reading to learn more.

Can I Use Crossbow Broadheads For My Compound Bow?

The quick answer is yes – you can. However, you need to implement a few important techniques to ensure the best results you want.

For instance, crossbow broadheads are quite heavy, so the compound bow’s shock collars prevent your blade from deploying sooner than you want. There is no need to bump the arrow or reset the blade using the right shock collar.

What you can try is shooting some broadheads and observe the way they flow. If you notice that they fly straight and consistently, then it should be fine for hunting or archery practice. But at the same time, you will need to use proper shock collars for the compound bow. 

Then, put your blades close enough to the petals’ center. Avoid aligning your blade with the collar’s notches. Otherwise, this can bind your blade to your collar.

When you misfire the arrows, it is possible to experience a misplacement of the shock collars. Plus, you may be shooting fast – perhaps at more than 400 feet a second. This is why it will require higher energy to be absorbed by your shock collars. Either that, or the arrow or bolt are not properly seated on your string.

It is also worth noting that the arrow speed is usually the most challenging piece when you shoot crossbow broadheads. Generally, crossbows shoot at a faster rate than compound bows. Thus, compound bows should be able to tolerate a bigger broadhead.

When you use a compound bow, it is only normal to struggle with shooting consistent arrows that come with larger blades. Yet, you can also work on the shot when you need to adjust to a bigger blade. Just make it a point to do it slowly and take time to master shooting as it requires patience to nail it.

Additional Points To Consider

We also recommend that you resharpen or replace your blades. But if you already have your replacement blade, you may want to use it after using the broadheads. You can also sharpen this at a constant angle with a sharpening jig.

When choosing a proper arrow, there are a few things to consider. This is a very important step since you need to make sure you choose the right one. The option lies between getting a crossbow and a compound bow. There are also various sizes, lengths, and brands out there, which make the choice even more overwhelming. However, you can simply keep these key points in mind to help you decide:

  • Arrows never last a long time. So, it does not hurt to start with cheap arrows when you are just practicing.
  • Invest in more expensive arrows once you have mastered this skill.
  • Avoid using arrows with a shorter length than what is recommended by the manufacturer. Otherwise, the arrow may only fall off the rest or even hit the rail of your crossbow.

Arrow manufacturers always do their best to tell you that they have the best products in the market. Yet, in the end it is always a personal choice when it comes to deciding what arrow you should get.

There are also different factors that impact the arrow’s quality. This is why it is a personal discovery to know what works best for you. 

If you are considering getting crossbows instead of compound bows, you should keep in mind that there is a big difference between the two. Generally, it takes 200 FPS to kill your target. With crossbows, they are able to fire bolts at a maximum of 350 FPS while compound bows are at around 280 to 300… Sometimes even more. So overall, both are quite deadly even if crossbows have more energy.

In fact, if you have a highly capable crossbow, this should be able to push bolts at about 500 FPS. On the other hand, compound bows can do it at 360 FPS per shot.

But there are many benefits to using a crossbow. Do keep in mind that speed is not what can kill your target but your accuracy. You need to hit your target at the exact right spot, which is what makes a hunter an efficient and effective one. 

Crossbows are capable of launching higher kinetic energy and arrow speeds, which is possible with certain accuracy. Both the compound bow and crossbow can hit your target when you shoot it with great accuracy.

As for a compound bow, modern ones should be able to shoot much better than vintage ones. You can shoot your bow in 30 or so minutes, especially with proper bow weight and size, as well as the right technique. 

So no matter what bow type you use, it all depends on how much practice you get to achieve accuracy even in a high pressure situation.

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When it comes to using crossbow broadheads for your compound bow, it is absolutely fine considering the right conditions. Be sure to take into account the points we have mentioned in this post to achieve the best results in your hunting expedition or archery practice.

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