Add Bowfishing Gear To A Crossbow

The crossbow is an ancient form of archery and fun to shoot too. Its popularity is steadily increasing in the hunting world with many new seasons and opportunities opening to it. They also are alot of fun to use while bowfishing. Here are some pictures of bows fitted with bowfishing equiptment. Thanks to members Evan and Son for the great pictures! The AMS retreiver bowfishing reel is a perfect match for a crossbow. The heavier 400lb. Fast Flite bowfishing line works well out of them, and is a perfect line for crossbow bowfishing. The problem of how to attach the retreiver reel to the crossbow is easily solved here. Here is a bracket that the Muzzy Corp. has designed. Its simple to make and Muzzy will be happy to send you the plans. This one is set up with the reel plus a float for big game bowfishing.

Here are a couple crossbows set up with the bracket and reel.

And if your bow allows, the reel can be mounted horizontally directly to the quiver mounting holes like this one.

Always use a Muzzy safety slide on your bowfishing crossbow bolts or a cabled bolt to keep the line from tangling when shot. Always follow the mfgrs. safety rules and check with your state to be sure bowfishing with a crossbow is allowed.

Have fun bowfishing with crossbows!

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