How To Clean A Stingray #2

Here is another How To on cleaning a stingray!

This one will also show how to get the meat from the underside of the wing on these tasty fish.

First, wash the slime off the stingray. Stingray are very slippery and reducing the slime will make cleaning much easier.

Next feel along the stingrays wing to find where the soft meat meets the harder cartilage of the rays body. Then make a cut just outside the hard area down thru the meat until you hit the wings cartilage layer. Then cut front to back.

Now turn your knife and cut the meat away from the cartilage layer. Once you get to the thinner edge of the meat, cut up thru the skin and remove your boneless wing fillet.

Repeat on the other side. This next picture shows the cartilage layer with meat removed on one side and the cut on the other side.

Next, flip the ray over and once again, find the area where the soft meat meets the harder body cartilage. Make a cut down to the cartilage layer and then again, turn the blade and fillet the meat off the cartilage layer. This fillet will be thinner than the top section.

Next, repeat on the other bottom side and remove the fillets.

You know have 4 large fillets with the skin on. Now, simply lay the fillet skin side down and fillet the meat off the skin. Cut away any dark red meat you have left on the meat. The meat can now be cut into strips or serving sized chunks for frying, baking or grilling. A word of caution. Always cut the stinger off before handling the stingray. It still contains a strong poison even when the ray is dead, and will infect you if you cut yourself on it. Also, the backbone has very sharp spikes protruding from it. They are very sharp. These will also infect you, and contain the same poison as the stinger. Well…..thats another How To on cleaning a stingray!

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