Can A 25 Lb Bow Kill A Deer? The Truth About Hunting A Deer

A deer is much smaller than a human, but they are also a very sensitive animal with many obscure points of weakness. Using a well-placed arrow is the best way to take down such an animal. That being said, bow hunting is not an easy task, especially for first-timers.

Can a 25 lb bow kill a deer? Yes. If you know how to use it correctly, you can take down a deer with a 25 lb bow. However, it is not easy to hit a deer with a bow, especially in the first place.

In this article, we will discuss whether you can kill a deer with your 25 lb bow or not and how to choose the best one for you.

Can A 25 Lb Bow Kill A Deer?

A 25-pound bow is enough to kill a deer. However, using a 25 lb one is not always easy for everyone as it depends on the following factors.

  • How big is the deer? We know that numerous animals worldwide are much bigger than us, and they are most likely to be male. So if a deer is of this size, you will have to use a much larger bow for hunting it.
  • How fast are the deer moving? If you want to kill an animal, just standing still and watching it is not enough. You have to move when they are moving, which is hard as you can see their movement when you are standing still.
  • How far is it from the deer to the hunter? To kill a deer, you must be at least 40 yards away from it. It is not an easy task from a very close distance, especially if it is moving fast.
  • Do you have enough skills and experience to hit a deer? A 25-lb bow is not enough for beginners, but if you know how to shoot it, you will be able to hit it in a few shots.
  • How is the bow you own? If it is of bad quality, you can not hit a deer though it has a very heavy draw weight.

What Is The Best Weight For A Bow To Kill Deers?

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The recommended weight for deer hunting is around 40 lbs for compound bows and 50 lbs for recurve bows. However, you should take the recommended weight with a grain of salt, as it is possible to take down an animal with a bow that weighs less or more than this.

If you are a beginner and do not know what weight you should go with, you might start with a draw weighing 40 lbs. You might be able to kill it with a lighter one, but again, it all depends on the person using it.

Considerations When Choosing A Hunting Bow To Kill Deer

Now that we have covered the basics of what weight to use for deer hunting. Let us discuss things you should consider when choosing a bow for this purpose.

Type Of Bow: Recurve or Compound?

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When choosing a bow for hunting, the type of bow is very important. Some common ones used for hunting are: recurve and compound bows.

Recurve Bow

The recurve bow is the conventional one used for hunting deer. When unstrung, a recurve bow has ends that curve away from the shooter. It has an extra curve, which boosts range and power compared to a regular longbow. 

The archer bears the entire draw weight of a recurve one. An archer must keep 70 pounds of force back on a 70-pound recurve one until the arrow is released.

Compound Bow

A compound bow uses pulleys (or cams) and cables to lever the limbs, giving them a substantial degree of stiffness compared to recurve bows. 

Because the pulley (or cam) and limb rigidity allow you to use less energy than conventional ones, its added stiffness allows for better control and better accuracy. 

Draw Weight

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Draw weight is the amount of force that a user has to exert to draw the arrow. People with different experiences and strengths will choose products with different draw weights. The smaller the draw weight, the lighter it is.

If you use a compound one with the lightest draw weight, you will use less energy on each shot than a bigger draw weight.

Arrow Speed

A bow’s arrow speed is the speed at which the arrow leaves the bow. This speed is measured in feet per second (fps). If you want to shoot faster, increase your draw weight. 

On average, an archer will use around 200 fps on their bow. This is a good speed for archery, but you may need to increase this speed to shoot faster.

If you want to go hunting, you should consider the above factors when choosing the type of bow for your trip. You should also consider the terrain and the type of game you are hunting. Learning to shoot a bow and arrow takes a lot of time and commitment, so be patient and go for it!

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Can a 25 lb bow kill a deer? Yes, a 25 lb bow will kill a deer though it might be a little bit harder than a heavier one. Now, it is up to you to pick the right product and follow all the tips in this article! Good luck!

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