Tenpoint Crossbow Scope Problems: How To Fix?

If you are a talented crossbowman, you will definitely know the Tenpoint brand. It is one of the most reputable brands that their products become a household name in the United States.

However, is its quality as excellent as expected? What are the most common Tenpoint crossbow scope problems? How do you solve them when you already own one or are about to buy a new item?

Tenpoint Crossbow Scope Problems And How To Fix

Not Cocking

Although it doesn’t happen as frequently as it once did, it is still a possibility. If you encounter this, not having the safety mechanism in the “fire” position while cocking is to blame. On some crossbows, it used to be required to do that, but nowadays, it rarely makes a difference when cocking whether the safety is safe or fire.Solution: Make sure the string is being pulled all the way back. To restore things to normal, attempt to complete this step numerous times.

Not Firing

The bow was most likely short-cocked. In order to cock the bow and activate the safety mechanism, the string needed to be pulled back all the way.

Solution: Simply attach your cocking mechanism again, then slowly pull back until you hear a clear “click” and see that the safety is engaged.

No Grouping Well

There are many possible causes for this problem. You can check step by step to determine what is the main cause and what is the solution.


  • Check all the nuts, bolts, and screws holding your optic in place first.
  • Tighten everything which is loose, and your issue will likely be resolved.
  • Next, confirm that you are using the proper cocking device, which should be the one that was included with your bow or one that the manufacturer has specifically advised.
  • Once you’ve set up the correct scope, check to ensure it is correctly centered before withdrawing (the most common type consists of two hooks).
  • Make sure each is flush against the rail and that they are all hooked into the string.
  • Uneven pressure will pull the string back if one hook is located farther from the rail than the other.
  • The string won’t be in the middle and will exert more strain to one side, maybe resulting in a little loss of accuracy.

Bow Doesn’t Fit

Crossbows differ in terms of weight, length, and width. Everyone can find their own crossbow, but there isn’t one that fits everyone. How well a crossbow fits you and accuracy are directly correlated. A bow doesn’t fit and isn’t the correct choice for you if it feels too heavy, is too wide or long, or is struggling to raise and keep on target.

Solution: Recheck the length of the trigger pull. The trigger should also be crisp and smooth, with minimal to no creep.

Loose-fitting Components

Even though modern crossbows are quite well made, they shake when used, and the bolts and screws that attach the bow together are prone to becoming loose over time. Indeed, accuracy can be impacted by anything as basic as one loose screw or bolt.

Solution: Make sure all bolts, screws, and nuts are tightly snug before heading to the hunting place. This includes the quiver as well as the sights, the scope, and the bow assembly. 

Look for worn, broken, or missing pieces as you go, and inspect the flight rail for nicks or anything else that could affect arrow flight.

Not Properly Tuned Bow

A crossbow needs to be fine-tuned with a balanced tiller and brace height. The tiller determines the limbs’ balance, which should have the same weight and pull length. 

When the arrow impact point lags to the target’s right or left or there are rail marks developed on the arrow shaft, the tiller is unbalanced. The marks will appear heavy in extreme circumstances, particularly around the shaft’s nock end.

Solution: Ensure the point from the prod of each limb matches each other. On each limb of most compound versions, an adjustment bolt or screw may be adjusted out or in until both limbs are the same. Besides, the only option for recurve models is to invest in new limbs.

Wrong Arrows

Although most crossbows may shoot arrows with any nock, most manufacturers suggest a certain kind. This is depending on the draw weight, power stroke, front-of-center optimization of a model, and what stabilizes the arrow the most effectively.


  • Only utilize the arrows that the maker of a particular crossbow has recommended. And always use them for sighting and hunting to obtain maximum accuracy.
  • Using an arrow that flies at a slower or moderate pace suggested by the manufacturer may help you attain the best overall control and ultimate arrow flight.
  • Before usage, spin test each arrow to ensure that it is straight.

Improper Shooting Practice

Although manufacturers have made great strides in lowering weight and adjusting crossbows less uncomfortable and heavy, shooters still frequently encounter difficulties maintaining accuracy.

Solution: For accuracy, tuning your bow and its parts is crucial. Always fire from a bench when sighting in, exactly as you would when aiming with a rifle, to maximize accuracy.

Triggering is the second thing to think about. Crossbow triggers need to be pulled, not squeezed. Accuracy depends on pulling the trigger and employing a shooting assist.

Wrong Range

Although crossbow range and speed are being pushed to their limits by manufacturers, 40 yards is still the maximum advised distance. Crossbow arrows will undoubtedly travel further, but doing so consistently is more difficult, especially while hunting.

To shoot down games swiftly and compassionately, it is crucial to know your target’s range. However, not all hunters can judge the range well, or at least not sufficiently effectively for crossbow accuracy.

Solution: Every hunter’s scope should include a high-quality rangefinder, which should be used at the range for sighting and measuring the distance to trees, stumps, and other objects from your stand or blind.

tenpoint crossbow scope problems
An accurate shooting range is essential – Image source: Wikimedia


How Far Can I Shoot a Tenpoint Crossbow?

Depending on the product line, this distance can range from a few dozen to a few hundred yards. For instance, you can shoot your crossbow out to 60 yards if it has a sighting dot and is equipped with a RangeMaster Pro scope or a 3X Pro-View 3 scope. 

Or the EVO-X Marksman Scope contains a sighting dot that enables you to shoot a target 80 yards away.

What Is The Best Tenpoint Crossbow?

Top best Tenpoint crossbows that you can take a look at:

  • Stealth NXT Crossbow 
  • Turbo S1
  • Titan M1 
  • WR16015-5530
  • Venom Xtra
  • NH15050-7522

What Distance Should I Sight In My Crossbow?

Most crossbows provide reliable accuracy from 40 yards in hunting conditions, but accuracy degrades for various reasons, including wind deflection, loss of arrow speed, and shooter mistakes.

Therefore, experts often recommend that the distance to ensure the best accuracy is 20 yards.

How To Sight A Crossbow?

  • Set up the crossbow precisely 20 yards from your intended target.
  • Use a rope or a crank to cock your crossbow.
  • Place an arrow on your crossbow’s light rail.
  • Align your scope’s topmost red dot or reticle with the bull’s eye.
  • Utilize only the tip of your finger to quickly squeeze the trigger.
  • As you approach closer to the target, calculate how many inches your arrow group needs to move so that all arrows will hit the bull’s eye.
  • Return to your crossbow after reclaiming your arrows.
  • Make necessary adjustments after removing the protective caps from the scope adjustment knobs.
  • At 20 yards, most crossbow scopes will shift the arrow’s point of impact by 1/20′′ for each click.
  • According to the manufacturer’s instructions, set up your clock.
  • Take note of the velocity after shooting an arrow through the chronograph.
  • Go through this process for 3 more times, noting the velocity each time.
  • By averaging the figures and dividing by the total number of shots, you may determine the average velocity.
  • Following the scope’s instruction manual, adjust the scope’s velocity setting.

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Bottom Lines 

We’ve shown you the top 9 Tenpoint crossbow scope problems and the solution for each of them. These are the basics; although they look simple, they will affect your shooting performance .

If you have tried many ways, but the problem is not resolved, there is probably something more serious. Take your bow to a shop or get help from experts.

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