Does Cabelas Restring Bows? Can You Do It Yourself?

Does Cabelas restring bows? It’s quite hard to answer. 

Restringing the bow is a task you need to do periodically. It affects the quality of the parts as well as the accuracy of your archery. However, not everyone can do this at home, so people often bring it to the store to ask for help.

What if there are no technical shops where you live? Can you get it done at Cabelas?

Does Cabelas Restring Bows? 

Well, this can be a bit difficult to say. We feel that it depends on the area or on who the staff is welcoming you.

According to some information from professional archers, they say you will get support from staff in Cabelas. However, one main condition is you must buy accessories or products from their store. This means the products must be Cabelas branded, or you need to keep the receipt when you buy.

However, some users have had quite a different experience. They asked for help from the staff, but some agreed, and some did not. So they assume it will depend on the store and the staff that greets you that day.

The best way to get the string replacement support at Cabelas at no extra cost is to buy the string directly from their store. Then ask the staff to replace it with a new one to help you immediately.

When You Need To Restring The Bow? 

Wear And Tear

Your shooting may be one of the first indicators that your string wears out. 

Some archers unintentionally alter their technique to adapt to their strings’ deterioration over time. So you might ignore its warning signs.

Dryness, fraying, splitting, serving separation, and stretching are all manifestations of wear and tear. These symptoms could point to severe string wear and the requirement for restringing.

Spill, Drop, Or After An Accident

Take your item to a bow tech shop right away if you drop it or dry shoot it. Shooting a bow dry-fire refers to doing so without an arrow. Air shots are not intended for your archery set.

Without an arrow, all of the energy that would have been stored for the arrow enters the bow when you draw it and release the string. The noise level is atrocious.

Dry-firing is unsettling and hazardous, but it does occur. Even experienced archers have accidents occasionally. If you dry fire it, be sure you don’t have any wounds. If you’re okay, put the bow in a case right away in the off-chance that the bow will disassemble itself.

Growth Spurt

Young archers may no longer fit the bow due to growth spurts. So if your child outgrows it, it’s time to adjust for better comfort and accuracy. Most items are simple to adjust, and a technician at an archery store is the best place to do so.

How Often Should You Restring The Bow? 

Depending on how frequently you shoot, all items need to have their strings replaced every two to three years. While hunting sets can have their strings changed every two years, target bows should be restrung annually because they are shot more frequently. 

If you’re a frequent shooter, restring your archery set once per year or two. This is particularly true for archers specializing in target archery since the repeating motion increases strain on the bowstring.

Any strings starting to fray or break should be changed immediately.

By taking care of it and keeping it properly, you can extend the life of the bowstring. Also, apply the wax regularly – you may find it at archery supply shops. That is part and parcel of maintaining your shooting set.

Each day before you shoot, check your bowstring for any areas that appear fuzzy and feel its length with your fingertips to see whether it seems dry. Apply wax on the bowstring and rub it with your fingertips until the string completely absorbs it if either of these conditions is present.

String stretch impacts the draw length, brace height, draw weight, and tuning adjustments of a compound bow. So preventing string stretch and storing your bow in a climate-controlled environment increases its lifespan. 

On another note, bowstrings quickly stretch in hot weather. Keep your shooting set indoors, away from fluctuating temperatures, to avoid string stretching. Besides, to boost the longevity of your recurve bow or longbow, take the string out between shooting sessions. 

How Much Does Restringing Cost? 

As usual, this might run you anywhere from $15 to $70, depending on the specific bowstring you choose and the labor fee charged by the expert. 

The best place to go is typically your neighborhood archery shop. Each store will have different labor charges, but they typically range from $20 to $50.

Because most archery specialty stores have the necessary restringing tools, the operation is generally quick and simple.

Consider your shooting schedule and the weight of bowstrings you’ll require while setting your budget. When choosing one, you might also have to look at how your compound bow needs its strings installed.

How Much Does Restringing Cost At Cabelas? 

The cost of restringing a bow can change depending on it and the materials used. It costs $10 to $15 to restring the majority of bows.

However, as mentioned above, you may be able to get this for free when you buy accessories at their store. This is not verified, so you can try asking the staff for help before choosing their service.

does cabelas restring bows
Cabelas can cost you from $10-$15 for this service

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Can You Restring The Bow Yourself? 

The short answer is yes, but we don’t recommend doing so. The process is rather complicated and varies based on your bow type (recurve, longbow, compound, etc.). So it’s best to turn to a professional for more efficiency and accuracy.

But if you resist in DIY, there are 3 ways:

  • Utilize an adjustable bow rest, attach it to a wall and adjust the string tension
  • Make use of a simple loop of string (not very precise, can lead to uneven tensioning)
  • Use a knotting guide that is attached to the bow’s limbs (best fit for recurve bows)

Final Thoughts 

Does Cabelas restring bows? In short, the best way is to go to their store and directly ask the staff. They can support you for free (if you purchase the items here) or charge from $10 to $15 each time.

It is quite challenging to do it at home if you’re not a professional. So it’s best to bring it to a technical shop.

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