How To Attach Bow To Backpack?

These days, people enjoy carrying a bow to the forest to hunt, but it is very bulky and difficult to hold in hand to move for a long distance. For that reason, they wanted to find a simpler and easier way to carry their bow, which is to attach the bow to their backpack. However, they might not know how to do it right, so we write this article to give them wise suggestions on the most convenient ways to attach the bow to their backpack.

Why Do People Need To Attach The Bows To Their Backpacks?

If you are a multi-day bowhunter, you must bring many supplies such as food, water, tents, etc. Therefore, carrying a bow in hand will be very cumbersome and less flexible when traveling long distances, so most people will choose to attach the bow to their backpacks to make it easier to move. In addition, attaching the bow to the backpack will also ensure that you can overcome obstacles on the road without getting hindered.

Not having to hold the bow for long periods of time also prevents your hands from getting calloused or sore (In fact, on the bowhunting forums, many people have complained about their hands hurting condition when holding their bow for too long).

Things To Consider When Carrying A Bow On Your Back:

There are still a few considerations when carrying a bow on your back when hunting, even though it is a terrific method to keep your hands free and your bow safe. These range from the size of the bow to paying attention to your bow while going through dense undergrowth.

how to attach bow to backpack

The most crucial thing to remember is that the bow isn’t fully impervious to harm, even when it’s slung over your back. Many branches and twigs can still catch on your bow, for instance, if you’re trying to maneuver through thick vegetation in a forest. This can harm or damage your bow if you abruptly get wrenched back. The delicate parts of a compound bow, as well as the limbs, are particularly susceptible. To fix this, make every effort to move with as much awareness of your bow. Try to locate a different route if space seems constrained. 

While passing through the cover, continue to check your bow periodically. You may make a few further adjustments to keep the bowstring away from your neck and other delicate places once you’ve found a location that ensures your bow is steady while it’s slung across your back. Before you go, modify the bow to find the most secure and cozy posture.

How To Attach A Bow To A Backpack?

For A Single-day Whitetail Hunter:

1. Using A Specialized Backpack:

how to attach bow to backpack

You should go for a small backpack if you’re a day hunter. This backpack would be both portable and light. All of your things should fit nicely without being crammed in. You may carry a comfortable hunting bag for long periods of time without experiencing any pains or aches.

2. Using A Shoulder Sling:

how to attach bow to backpack

When traveling during the day and short distances, you sometimes just need to sling your bow onto your backpack (most bows will have strings attached to tie them). This way is not really sturdy, but since your distance is not too long, it is not noticeable. However, we do not recommend this method.

For A Multi-day Western Mountain Hunter:

When you go hunting for many days and nights, we only recommend using specialized backpacks (also known as bowhunting backpacks) because they have almost absolute safety, you will not need to worry about the bow falling off, or there is something related to the external structure. In addition, hunting is sometimes very dangerous. It requires you to act flexibly and courageously, so don’t let the bow on your back make you feel entangled or difficult to move, a specialized backpack will prevent such inconveniences.

Multi-day bowhunters require heavier packs. These packs will have enough space to carry necessary food, water, clothing, a bow, a sleeping bag, a tent, and especially hunting equipment. Comfort is essential for packs of this class. Nobody wants to spend days lugging around a backpack that distributes weight unevenly. It might make an activity that should’ve been enjoyable into a miserable journey. 

Some Recommended / Specialized Bowhunting Backpacks:


how to attach bow to backpack

The Badlands Sacrifice LS Hunting Pack, the greatest, is at the top of the list. As this backpack is an updated version of the original Sacrifice hunting bag, LS stands for lighter and stronger. Any sort of hunter may use this pack since it hits the sweet spot and meets their demands. The Badlands satisfies all of your demands and more.


how to attach bow to backpack

For someone intending to go on a full-day or even a 2-3 day hike, the Timber Hawk Killshot is an excellent backpack. The Killshot has a wonderful design that lets you drop it fast and softly, capable of firing at a moment’s notice, although it may be hefty when fully loaded.


how to attach bow to backpack


how to attach bow to backpack

The In Sights Realtree pack is frequently considered one of the most innovative packs available in the bow hunting world. The appearance and functionality of this pack clearly indicate that it was created with bow hunting in mind. As you’ll see in the sections that follow, the unique weapon enclosure is a very useful feature. The Realtree pack is the ideal option for the “always on the move” hunter due to its portable, lightweight, and small design.

Other Ways To Carry Your Bow:

1. By Hand

When hunting, holding your bow in your hand is the most effective method of covering small distances. Because you will not have to take your bow out of a sling or case when you notice some game, you may have it ready for an immediate shot. 

However, you must be mindful of the terrain when carrying it in this manner. Your bow is easily broken or hooked on branches or pebbles when held in your hand. This can also be extremely terribly unpleasant over extended distances.

2. On Your Shoulder

Another typical technique is to carry a bow over your shoulder. However, this may be done improperly quite simply. The most common technique is simply to shrug your bow over your shoulder. When doing this, you must exercise caution since too much movement might ruin the bow by overstretching the string. There are shoulder slings for sale, and they make sense. While holding it like this, you can still easily access your bow. 

Additionally, one or both hands will be available for other chores. The most secure way to transport your bow while out hunting is in a bow case. A case’s structure can be either soft or firm, yet both provide the best protection for your bow when traveling.

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Final Thoughts

In summary, you can attach the bow to the backpack in many ways, and you need to determine how long you will be hunting to choose the most suitable way. In addition, there will also be other options such as hand-held or shoulder-mounted. Choose the one that works best for you.

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