How To Install Peep Sight Without Bow Press? A Complete Guide

A peep sight can be a lifesaver for archers who have struggled with their anchoring. It’s a nice way to improve your consistency and hence accuracy. 

This article will discuss the benefits and drawbacks of peep sight in detail. Then, we will show you how to install a peep sight without a bow press to bring out the best of your performance.

So are you ready? Keep scrolling down, and you can pull it off! It’s time to show off your skills. 

How Does A Peep Sight Work On A Bow? 

A peep sight is a tiny, hollow circle tied to a bow’s string. To focus your field of vision and accurately aim at your target, you will use the peep sight in conjunction with a bow sight. It mimics a peep sight on a gun in that regard.

A peep sight on a bow works similarly to a rifle peep sight by offering two points of alignment. It allows you to adjust your sight with your bow.

Basically, you need to insert the peep sight for the two sights to line up. Then, you can view your target parallel to your arrow’s direction. In other words, it tells you that you have set the right anchor point.

So, there are three points you must line up in this manner, and their order will be like this (from the closest to the farthest):

The peep sight -> The bow sight -> The target

You must pull your bow and line up your sights to target with the peep sight. Then, shoot your bow. 

Accurate peeping requires a precise peep location. Ensure the peep height is where it seems comfortable to you because any inaccuracy can totally destroy your grouping.

To test if you have set a good sight location, follow these steps:

  • Close your eyes.
  • Draw your bow. 
  • Open your eyes to check if you have centered the peep sight correctly in front of your eyes. If not, adjust it. 

Adding one more reference point will undoubtedly enhance your consistency and, ultimately, your grouping. Hence, peep sights improve your accuracy, significantly helping archers with inconsistent anchoring.

install peep sight without bow press

Do You Need A Peep Sight On A Bow? 

It depends, as this method has both pros and cons. Here are some cases where you may like the peep sight on your bow. 


  • Consistency 

Consistency is the primary factor to consider when deciding whether to use a peep sight. Many archers claim that this addition can improve their anchoring to help with their consistency. But, of course, it’s not a magic fix.  

  • Fewer distractions

The peep sight limits your range of vision to some extent. Hence, you can focus on your target better because there aren’t many distractions within your field.

install peep sight without bow press


  • Limited vision

Shooting in dim light is more difficult with peep sights because they restrict your eyesight and the volume of light reaching your eyes.

The narrower the sight diameter, the worse it works in dim light. It will affect bowhunters who need the best vision to see their target clearly. 

Some brands attempt to tackle this problem by providing illuminated sights. However, it’s better not to use them at all. 

  • Too much dependence

Another thing that most archers seem to overlook is how dependent they get on peep sights once they start using one. Without a peep, trying to anchor will be more challenging. 

Your accuracy can be worse if your peep doesn’t succeed or you have to shoot your bow without a peep sight.

install peep sight without bow press

How To Choose A Peep Sight For A Bow? 

Choosing the right one will be a need if you want to use a peep sight to improve your consistency. Here is what to look for in a peep sight. 


There are two kinds of peep styles to consider: 

  • Tube peep

When you push the bowstring, the silicone or rubber material of the peep can pull and rotate it into the desired position. It’s necessary when lower-quality strings rotate. 

However, because bowstrings are better now and the tubings become dry over time, these types of peep sight are not popular now. 

  • Tubeless peep

A tubeless peep is free-floating on your string. Since your bowstring doesn’t spin much, you can easily put them in the middle of the string. If you use a regular bow, you should choose this style. 


The most common sizes for peeps are 1/4, 3/16, and 1/8 inch. Smaller sizes are generally more accurate. Meanwhile, larger sizes are better when shooting in low light. 

Slot number

The number of slots is the strings used to insert into the bowstring. Peep sights may have two or three slots. 

Three-slot peep sights can be less fussy. However, they are harder to attach. Hence, most archers go for the two-slot peep sights.

install peep sight without bow press

How To Install Peep Sight Without Bow Press?

The bow press can take the tension off your bow’s cables and string by flexing its limbs. It allows you to securely carry out maintenance tasks like string replacements and other modifications.

Sometimes, you don’t have a bow press for some reason. And it’s when you need to learn how to install a peep sight without a bow press. 


First, seat your bowstrings. Do it by launching some arrows and aiming for around twenty. Doing more will make your strings more seated and stretched.

Also, you need to release the string’s tension. Ensure that you lower the bow as much as you can to make it simple to separate the string.

Additionally, check that the limb lots don’t descend any lower than they should since it might worsen the situation.

Step-by-step instructions

As a result, the string has released enough tension. Now you can install the peep sight with the following steps: 

  • Carefully separate your string with a knife or a string splitter into triplets or halves and place your peep sight. This step needs your carefulness, or you will damage the bow. 
  • After correctly positioning the peep sight, gently pull the arrow to see if the loop is in the desired alignment. Your loop selection determines both the flight route and the arrow’s strength.
  • To verify the placement, gently pull it backward with your hands. If the placement isn’t optimal, wind and unwind the string to address the issue. 

And there you are, attaching the peep sight despite the lack of a bow press. The steps are a little technical, but they can still work out beautifully if you’re patient enough with your arrow.

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We have shown you how to install the peep sight without a bow press. Consider carefully before choosing this tool, as it may come with some pros. 

Hopefully, you can shoot your bow successfully with the peep sight. If you have any problems, don’t hesitate to contact us. We will give you a hand. 

Thank you for reading!

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