Can A Felon Own A Crossbow In Illinois? Interesting Details You Need To Know

We were asked by a few people – Can a felon own a crossbow in Illinois? 

Before you decide to own this equipment, it is important to know certain rules governing crossbow ownership and use. This is particularly true for felons who are looking to use this piece of equipment for hunting purposes.

Today, we’ll discuss key points on owning a crossbow in Illinois, as well as other states in the country. Let’s get started.

Can A Felon Own a Crossbow In Illinois?

In Illinois, everyone who possesses firearms must have a valid and up-to-date FOID card. However, this is excluding felons, as well as folks who are convicted of domestic violence or misdemeanor charges. 

In spite of the fact that a crossbow is a deadly weapon, the state of Illinois does not consider it as a firearm. Hence, felons are able to purchase and even use crossbows for hunting purposes. But at the same time, you will need to obtain a hunting license and follow strict laws involving bowhunting in your area.

Can A Felon Own A Crossbow In Arkansas

All states have strict laws governing firearm ownership for felons. This is why it is easy to assume that if you are a convicted felon, you are not allowed to own a crossbow. However, crossbows are not classified as a type of firearm. Thus, felons may legally possess a crossbow after they have left prison. 

Can A Felon Own A Crossbow In Georgia

Under the law in Georgia, as well as federal law, crossbows and archery equipment are not considered as firearms or weapons. Therefore, there should not be any problem with owning one as a felon. If you intend to use this equipment for hunting purposes, you are most certainly not violating any laws by owning one. 

Yet, if you are on probation, on parole, or while out on bond or bail on a serious criminal charge, it may be a violation of all conditions of items considered as a weapon. This may include a crossbow, even if the intention is to use it for sporting or hunting purposes. 

Can A Felon Own A Crossbow In Oklahoma

Convicted felons in Oklahoma are not prohibited from owning a crossbow. In fact, anyone is okay to hunt using this equipment in this part of the country during the open season. With this in mind, it should be perfectly fine – and you are not disobeying the law – by owning a crossbow even as a felon. 

Can A Felon Own A Crossbow In California

Absolutely. There are no laws or rules prohibiting felons in California from possessing a bow and using it for hunting purposes. In addition, bowhunting is the only hunting technique that felons can do lawfully in this state.

Can A Felon Own A Crossbow In New York State

According to the New York state’s laws, a crossbow refers to a bow or a string with compound or recurve limbs that have a minimum of 17 inches wide and mounted on stocks. There is a trigger to the stock, and this must be in a working capacity and safety mechanisms, and it holds your limbs and string under tension. 

But since a crossbow comes with a trigger, this means that convicted felons are not allowed to own a crossbow in New York State.

Can A Felon Own A Crossbow In Pa

Convicted felons in Pennsylvania are disallowed legally to hunt using a firearm. But they are not prohibited from hunting or trapping animals legally with their archery equipment, which includes a crossbow. Moreover, they are not denied of owning a hunting license, which means they can continue to engage in hunting activities done legally.

Can A Felon Own A Crossbow In Florida

According to the Fish And Wildlife Conservation Commission in Florida, felons are allowed to legally own a bow. Guns and muzzleloader firearms, however, are not allowed. This is why felons should still be able to hunt using crossbows, compound bows, recurve bows, and airguns during hunting season legally. 

Can A Felon Own A Crossbow In Ohio

There are several laws involving crossbow ownership by felons in Ohio. In this state, individuals convicted of a felony charge are not legally allowed to own a crossbow that may inflict harm. Any weapon that can cause physical damage to others is not allowed to be owned by felons. 

In fact, a crossbow is categorized as a type of assault weapon according to state law. However, felons may be in possession of a crossbow when they own a valid and up-to-date hunting license – provided that they only use the crossbow for hunting. But altered or modified crossbows are not allowed to be owned by convicted felons in Ohio. 

Can A Felon Own A Crossbow In Kentucky

In Kentucky, felons are not legally allowed to possess a firearm. But a crossbow is not considered as a firearm or weapon according to Kentucky’s law. This is why it should be fine to own one when used for hunting.

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Bottom Line

There are numerous rules involving crossbow ownership in different states. But these state laws vary from one place to another, which is why it is important to check with your particular state what the rules are when it comes to possessing and using a crossbow for hunting. 

We have mentioned a few states including their laws, which should help to clear things out for some people. In case the state where you live is not mentioned in this post, be sure to inquire from your own state if you can legally own a crossbow as a felon to avoid any serious consequences. Also, be sure to know if you can use such an equipment for hunting and what other requirements you need to complete before you are allowed to do so.

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