Should You Aim High Or Low From Tree Stand? A Straightforward Guide

When it comes to deer hunting, one of the most crucial decisions a hunter must make is whether to aim high or low from a tree stand. 

This decision can mean the difference between success and failure when hunting, as the wrong shot placement can cause injury to the animal or make it much more difficult to track. 

This post will explore the tips and angles when hunting from a tree stand and provide simple advice on the best approach for hunters in different scenarios.

So, let’s dive into the article to get more details!

Should You Aim High Or Low From Tree Stand?

When hunting from a tree stand, deciding whether to shoot high or low can be difficult, but there are some important considerations to remember.

Aiming low can offer a more stable shot, but the target may be out of reach. If you are hunting from a tree stand at a considerable height, it is advisable to aim lower than you would on the ground. 

This ensures that you do not miss your target due to the downward trajectory of your shot.

On the other hand, if you are hunting from a tree stand at a relatively low height, it is sensible to aim higher to avoid obstructions near the ground and take advantage of your shot’s upward trajectory.

Ultimately, whether to aim high or low from a tree stand depends on the type of hunt, the target size, and the terrain’s condition. 

If the terrain is uneven, aiming low may be more problematic as it can limit your view. If the terrain is relatively flat, aiming low can give you an advantage through better stability while shooting.

Tips For Tree Stand Shooting

Tree stand shooting is a challenging and rewarding activity, one that requires a great deal of practice and preparation. 

Here are some tips to help you improve your tree stand shooting skills:

Sight in your scope

When it comes to tree stand shooting, one of the most critical steps is appropriately sighting in your scope. 

This is especially true for long-distance shots, as a well-sighting scope can differentiate between a successful and unsuccessful hunt. 

Here are some steps on how to ensure your scope is precisely sighted:

  1. Adjust the scope to your specific shooting needs. This includes setting the reticle to the desired magnification level and making sure the reticle is centered.
  2. Use a sighting board or target, and set the scope at 25 yards or meters. This will provide the best accuracy for longer-distance shots.
  3. Take a few practice shots to ensure your scope is correctly sighted. As a general rule of thumb, ensure that the area is adjusted to be slightly lower than the barrel of the gun, as this will help you make more accurate shots from your tree stand.

Adjust the angle

Properly adjusting the angle will ensure that the shooter is more stable, resulting in a more accurate shot. 

  • To adjust the angle, check the tree stand for an adjustment lever. If the tree stand has an adjustable seat, you should be able to change the angle of the tree stand from the seated position. 
  • Make sure to adjust the tree stand just enough to be comfortable while ensuring that you are still stable. 
  • If the tree stand does not have an adjustable seat, it is vital to have a stable platform to shoot from.
aim high or low from tree stand

Do not draw if not necessary

When hunting from a tree stand, it is essential to remember that you should not draw your bow or firearm unless necessary. 

  • Drawing your bow or firearm too early can spook game and alert them to your presence.
  • Try to keep movement to a minimum while hunting and remain well hidden. An excellent way to do this is by wearing camouflage and avoiding unnecessary noise or motion. 
  • When drawing your bow or firearm, take your time and ensure you have a steady and solid stance. This will help you make a more accurate shot and have a better chance of a successful hunt. 

Where to Shoot a Target From Different Angles From a Tree Stand?

Shooting targets from a tree stand is a great way to hone your skills and become an experienced marksman. 

Whether you are a beginner or a more experienced shooter, shooting from a tree stand can be an exciting and rewarding experience. 

When shooting from a tree stand, it is crucial to consider the angles you can shoot from. 

Depending on the type of tree stand you are using and the terrain, you may be able to shoot from various angles.


This angle gives you the most expansive field of vision and the best opportunity to make a successful shot. 

You should aim slightly behind the shoulder when shooting from a broadside angle to ensure a clean shot. 

Make sure to practice shooting from different angles, and be aware of your surroundings and the potential for tree branches to get in the way of your shot.

Quartering Away

When using this method, the shooter should practice the quartering away technique. 

  • This technique involves aiming the crosshairs at a spot approximately one-quarter of the way up the animal’s body from the ground. 
  • This allows the shooter to aim at the animal’s vital organs and gives them an optimal chance of success.
  • It is important to note that when shooting from a tree stand, the shooter should not stand directly above the animal.

Quartering Toward

This angle is the opposite of quartering away. It involves shooting at a target slightly angled from the shooter. 

This angle allows the hunter to take advantage of the animal’s natural line of sight, ensuring that the arrow goes where the animal is looking. 

When shooting from a tree stand at a quartering angle, the hunter should take extra care to ensure that their arrow is aimed at the target’s vitals for a clean and humane kill and to avoid the shoulder, which can deflect the arrow and result in a lost kill opportunity.

Straight On

This angle offers the best chance of a successful shot for various reasons. By shooting straight on, the shooter will have a clear field of view and plenty of time to aim and steady their shot. 

Also, it allows the shooter to use the tree stand to their advantage to elevate their shot and achieve a more accurate aim. 

Shooting straight on also has the added benefit of preventing injury to the shooter, should their bow or gun kick back or misfire. 

Straight Down 

This angle is often ideal because it eliminates the risk of wounding endangered species, such as birds or other animals that may be near the target. 

Shooting straight down from a tree stand is an efficient way to maximize accuracy. 

  • When shooting from a tree stand, it is vital to ensure the target is within a safe distance, typically no more than 50 yards. 
  • Considering the distance and direction of the wind, the hunter can adjust the angle of the tree stand to ensure the target is in an ideal shooting position.

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To sum up, aiming high or low from a tree stand is a personal preference.

Some tips for hunters are sighting in your scope, adjusting the angle, and drawing only if necessary.

Each hunter should decide based on the animal they are hunting, the angles to the target, and the terrain. 

With practice and repetition, you’ll quickly learn which technique works best for you. Thank you for paying attention to this post!

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