When Do Carp Spawn In Illinois? Key Facts Every Angler Must Know

You may be wondering – when do carp spawn in Illinois?

Perhaps you are wanting to go carp fishing but have been having a difficult time catching yourself some fish. Thus, it is best to know when exactly carp spawn in this part of the country.

Generally, spring time up to the early summer months are when carp spawn. These fish also spawn once the water level is about 2 to 3 feet in depth. They also prefer to stay in grassy and wimpy lakes and water bodies during the spawning season.

Although carp spawn during the latter parts of spring up to the middle of summer, it still tends to vary from one state to the next. The weather and water temperature also impact the spawning season.

Moreover, there are two different spawning methods that carp go through, which also impact the length of time of this particular phase in their lives.

For instance, female carp may lay her eggs on the aquatic plant, rock shelves, or the sea bottom while the male stops by to fertilize the eggs.

Another method of spawning is when the male carp uses the anal fin or rear to push the sperm right into the female carp, which then fertilizes the eggs.

It is common that the spawn season roughly goes from the 15th of March up to the 15th of August. But, depending on the climate in the region, the period may vary.

Furthermore, physical location makes a big difference. Let’s go right ahead and discuss when do carp spawn in Illinois and everything else you need to know about carp spawning.

When Do Carp Spawn In Illinois?

carp in illinois

The common carp or the Cyprinus carpio is found in Illinois’ water bodies. They are best caught using certain lures and baits including crayfish, bread, corn, and doughballs.

These fish species have been around in the state since 1886. Their preferred habitats include ponds, streams, lakes, sloughs, and any warm bodies of water with plenty of organic matter. If the water quality is poor, these fish thrive more.

The carp spawning season in Illinois takes place from mid-April until June. During this season, large female carp lay their eggs in the deep water, usually areas with lots of vegetation. It is also quite common to find carp splashing with their backs out of the waters. This is typical during spawning in the spring.

Temperature impacts carp spawning season. These fish prefer to spawn when the water temperatures are around 55 to 75 degrees Fahrenheit.

When the water is water, there is so much more activity going on, which is why they are easier to catch. On the other hand, they tend to be very rare and difficult to spot during the colder seasons of the year.

Although you will easily find plenty of carp swimming and splashing around during the spawning season, they are unlikely to bite any bait – no matter how great it smells.

Interestingly, you can find several male carp dashing their way toward a female carp. And usually, they don’t stay too deep in the water. Mostly, they are about a foot or two down near weedy, marshy or similar areas with vegetation.

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How Long Does the Spawning Season Last?

The length of time that carp spawning season lasts varies depending on the water conditions. Usually, carp eggs hatch roughly around 48 hours after these are laid. However, they take longer to hatch when the weather is cold.

In some cases, the spawning season lasts for only a few days. It may also start and stop for a few weeks when the water temperatures fluctuate.

However, it is worth noting that the carp spawning season only happens once a year. In other areas, it may not even occur annually, depending on the climate and water temperatures.

In the fall, carp may still spawn but only when the temperature is optimal. When these fish spawn, it is possible for them to lay up to 300,000 eggs while other carp species can drop up to a million eggs in a single spawn!

Final Thoughts

The carp spawning season is an exciting time for many anglers because of how abundant these fish are in the waters.

To make the most out of your angling trip, however, it is important to know when do carp spawn in Illinois. There are also certain fishing regulations to take note of, so it is essential to understand these things before you head out to have a seamless and enjoyable fishing experience.

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